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Infographics: Why we say NO to ACTA?

We designed this infographics about ACTA, remixing some of Nina Paley’s characters, based on information published in LQDN, EFF, Michael Geist, World Bank, Nación Red y Manzana Mecánica. This english version is a draft! leave your comment or contact me to submit corrections and observations!. Editable resources, and plain text file at the end of post. Share, remix and enjoy! (spanish original here)

Juliet thanks for amendments! :)

infographics: Why we say NO to ACTA

Graphics credits

Mimi & Eunice and other cartoon characters by Nina Paley remixed by derechoaleer.org

Data Sources:

General information: La Quadrature du Net, Michael Geist y Electronic Frontier Foundation, Nación Red, Manzana Mecánica.

The World Bank: Royalty and license fees, receipts: Royalty and license fees are payments and receipts between residents and nonresidents for the authorized use of intangible, nonproduced, nonfinancial assets and proprietary rights (such as patents, copyrights, trademarks, industrial processes, and franchises) and for the use, through licensing agreements, of produced originals of prototypes (such as films and manuscripts). Data are in current U.S. dollars.

Piracy” as a social phenomenon: “The Copy Culture Survey - Copyright Infringement and Enforcement in the US and “The Media Piracy Report” by Social Research Science Research y The American Assembly.

Editable files

Vectors: Inkscape SVG editable file: acta_mae-en-02.svgz

Text: Plain text file: WhywesayNOto_ACTA-en-02.txt

Fonts: Nina Font TrueType and FontForge resources for many west european languages (partial ISO-8859-1 character set): nina-dal.tar.gz (“Nina” Font now Free) / “OSP DINosp-din-ttf.zip (sources - OSP) / “My World” my_world.zip (dafont).

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