Tell Mozilla: Keep DRM out of Firefox

Only a week after the International Day Against DRM, Mozilla has announced that it will support Digital Restrictions Management in its Firefox Browser. The browser will have a built-in utility that automatically fetches and installs DRM from Adobe.

We hope that these banners listed below contribute to raising awareness about this unfortunate decision!

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[mozilla drm out ifo]

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Tell Mozilla: Keep DRM out of Firefox

Why Firefox’s DRM support sucks

DRM is not about protecting copyright. That is a straw man. DRM is about limiting the functionality of devices and selling features back in the form of services. DRM reduces the security of our devices and reduces user trust.

DRM doesn’t work; that it supposedly exists to protect creators, but since it is easily cracked and can be worked around, it is largely ineffective and irrelevant. In contrast, DRM eliminates fair use rights.

DRM for video is simply a Trojan Horse for all the copyright industries. Once all the main browsers have adopted it for video, the publishing and music industry will want the same thing for their content.

DRM makes finding and reporting of bugs legally risky. Developers who report vulnerabilities in the Adobe decoder are exposed to the risk of claims.

The Web doesn’t need big media; big media needs the Web. We can do much more to fight the negative consequences of DRM than simply attempt to mitigate the damage of its adoption

Keep DRM out of Firefox!

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